Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Products!

Last week I went to a safari park together with my sister and my mom. It was really large and you could drive through with your car. We had a lot of fun! I have a 55m/200m zoom lens for my camera, so I was able to zoom in close and take some nice pictures!

So I'm busy creating new products, here are a few.

you can click on the images to view or buy these products
Zebra Webdesigner businesscard profilecard
Luv You! zebra photo greetingcard cardLuv You! zebra photo greetingcard card
This zebra came walking up to us and she looked so friendly. I made a whole range of products with this photograph, with a black background, as well as white. Click here for all products

sleeping wild african dogs print print
We noticed a bundle of orange and black and wondered what it was. Comming up close, we saw it was a group of wild african dogs. They were all cuddled-up together and sleeping.
I kept all products simple with just this photograph, so it's a series for nature lovers. Link to all products

Protect wildlife zebra tshirt shirtProtect wildlife awareness bag bagProtect wildlife awareness mug mug
Also with the zebra photograph, I came up with this design for protect wildlife awareness. I'm always happy when I can think of a design for animal issues, and I really liked how this one turned out. I am making this design in various colors. Click here for all protect wildlife products

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