Thursday, April 7, 2011

New sticker shapes (and a nice surprise!)

Zazzle has added 6 new shapes to the sticker selection. So now there are 7 different shapes to choose from: OVAL, SQUARE, RECTANGLE, TRIANGLE, STAR, HEART, ROUND.

You can change any of our existing stickers to a different shape by clicking on the customize button, and after that on "Choose your size and style". Some shapes require moving the images / text to make it fit.

Choose a design you like, and click on the orange "customize" button

Click on "Choose your size and style" on the right

Click on the shape you want, and make sure all the design items are placed correctly.

We have already created a few different shaped stickers. I had a nice surprise when looking at the Zazzle blog. In their post about the new sticker shapes, they have chosen two from our shop to showcase!

These are the two they chose:
I love lemurs Sticker stickerWedding planner profile business sticker sticker
(you can click on the images to view or buy these stickers)

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