Monday, April 11, 2011

Today's Best Award

Since Zazzle introduced the new sticker shapes, I've been busy created them with existing designs. And now I received an email from Zazzle, that one of them has received a Today's Best Award (TBA). So happy!

It's a design I originally made for a businesscard
Stylish elegant business sticker sticker
(you can click on the image to view or buy this sticker)

In the past months we've been so lucky to receive more TBA's and Featured Awards. Since I didn't have this blog yet, I'll post them now:

Children's birthday party invitation greetingcard cardWedding remembrance necklace necklace wedding planner profile businesscard template V2 profilecard
In Remembrance floral card postcardHappy together keychainColorful flowers room name label star Ornament ornament
happy new year ringtailed lemurs greetingcard cardautum blackberry photograph return address label label
(you can click on the images to view or buy these products)

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