Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New greetingcards at Greetingcards Universe

We have just had a few new greetingcards approved at Greeting Cards Universe!

The fun thing about the cards there is that you can personalize them with a message and then have them send straight to the receiver if you like. So it's a really easy and fun way to send someone a greetingcard.

Also very handy if you can't leave your home due to illness or other reasons. This way you can send cards to your friends and family right from your computer!

Here are the new cards. I left the insides blanco, so you can add your own message if you like.

(you can click on the images to view or send the card

The photographs are of adorable lemurs. The baby twin lemurs were just a few days old when I took the photographs. They were so cute!
Of course these cards are also available on Zazzle. Click here to view our lemur greetingcards on Zazzle.

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