Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our customers choices

It's always such a wonderful feeling when someone buys one of our products! Just the idea that they liked what you have created is so special :)

At the moment we have over 1700 products in our shop (new ones are added daily), so you might wonder what our customers have chosen to buy. So I thought I'd share some recent sales with you.

So here are some products that our customers have recently bought. As you can see, it's a large variety!
(you can click on the image to view or buy the product)
Floral In Remembrance Stamp stampQR Code Sticker Template stickerLet's go for a ride... Postcard postcard
female stork bird in love Greetingcard cardYour own design Button Square button
Happy Birthday cute meerkats Greetingcard cardI love lemurs Sticker stickerCute as a donkey baby suite shirt

(you can click on the images to view or buy the product)

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Click here to see more of our best selling products.

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