Monday, May 23, 2011

Promote our products and earn 15% of every sale you send our way!

Did you know you can actually earn money by promoting our products? For every sale that you have referred, Zazzle will pay you 15%. And they have beautiful promotional tools to make it fun and easy!

So how does it work?

    Well, first things first, you need to register with Zazzle. It's completely free and once you have an account you can make money referring people to any of our products. Sign up now!


    Once you've signed up, you can start referring our products!
    Here's a video that explains how this works

    please note: the layout on Zazzle is now different.
    The link option shown in the video, is now directly under the product image


    The Flash Panel is an interactive way to display products on any blog, website or profile. Just go to this page, put in Funcards as the Seller, choose your style and copy and paste the code into your website.

    You can also put in a search term. For instance, if you have a website about Cats, just make cats the Search Term to create a more specialised Flash Panel!

    Please refer to Zazzle's FAQ or Contact Us

Are you excited about this way of earning money? Sign up now!

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