Friday, May 6, 2011

Zazzle iPhone 4 Cases Compatible with White iPhone 4!

Good news for the owners of the new white iPhone 4!

With the release of the white iPhone 4, many people were wondering if the Zazzle iPhone 4 cases are compatible with the white iPhone 4 (rumors were that the white iPhone 4 was thicker than its predecessor).

Well, Zazzle has just announced that after some testing they can report that the Zazzle iPhone 4 cases fit the new iPhone!

So if you are so lucky to have the new iPhone 4, shop at Zazzle for a unique and cool case to go with it!
Here are a few of my favorite iPhone 4 cases on Zazzle

You can also create your own case at Zazzle!

Your own design Iphone 4 case speckcase
Your own design Iphone 4 case

Want to know what the iPhone 4 case looks like? Watch this Zazzle video!

Click here to see all iPhone cases at Zazzle.


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  2. Thanks for the feature, Funcards! :)Carla (Scruffshop)

  3. You're welcome, Milica and Carla :)