Sunday, June 19, 2011

New cute lemur products

I just love lemurs! They are so sweet and lovely. I love it how they interact together, always hugging and cuddling up together, and so protective and caring for the babies in the group.

I took some new photographs the other day, and am now busy making products with them. The little baby that was just a few days old when I photographed them last time, is now starting to get quite big!

So far I've added four new photographs, which now gives our shop a total of 16 lemur photo's! I'm really looking forward to be making a calendar out of them.

Here are a few new products, you can click on the images to view or purchase the products.

I miss my best friend lonely lemur greetingcard cardmother and child lemur photograph Sticker sticker
mother and child lemur photography mug mugadorable lemur sitting in the grass photo Sticker sticker

Click here to view all our lemur products.

UPDATE 12/05/2012
I'm just reading over this post again and would like to share the calendar I was planning to make! I'm very happy the 2012 version was very successful and also for 2013 it's already selling well.

The 2012 version received a 5 star review, here's what the customer said:

Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent

About the product:
Very cute pictures. The default format for the lower part of the calendar where the days are is not very useful, so you might want to change it to a different option for numbering. That is easy to do by clicking customize.

About the print:
Nice crisp pictures, no complaints.

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